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  • Joe is an excellent teacher with lots of energy!
  • Created a very good atmosphere of balance between analytical/critical discussion and supportiveness. Gave concrete

    tools. Was considerate and open. Needs to remember what assignments he has given and follow up on them the next

    day. People spend time on these things.

  • By far my favorite instructor.
  • I absolutely loved this class. Joe was so supportive and open to student needs/desires. Plus such an amazing

    performer/musician. This was my favorite class of the day! (Although, I did enjoy them all a lot!)

  • I loved this class. Joe built community, shared himself, planned for us to share ourselves. I love that he loves to laugh,

    has a deeper life too.

  • Joe was a very engaging and encouraging teacher, open, attentive to each student. Each day, he performed one of his

    songs and gave the class opportunity to ask questions and comment. We also could perform our own song if we wished to get feedback from the class and from Joe, after which we had very open and frank discussions. The main thing I want to say about Joe: One day after lunch, I happened to be walking up the drive across from the beer tent. There were not many people around, but Joe was sitting on a bench by the drive with his guitar. Though it had only been a few days into the classes, he remembered my name and asked me if I wanted to pick awhile. I was amazing that he would, out of the blue, offer me that experience. Long story short, I unpacked my guitar and sat down with him for about a forty minute “one on one” opportunity of a lifetime. He helped me make a new beginning on my interest in “blues/box-picking” style that is opening up a new direction for my music. This was probably the highlight of my week, and I am very grateful for that chance to play with him, He is also, apparently, a thoughtful family man who seems to have his values straight. I’ll be on the lookout for him in his future gigs and the promotion of his music…a class act is there ever was one.

    Heart of Gold: Your Unique Story & Song – 2:15-3:30

  • This was my hands down favorite – mainly because Joe espoused an approach to songwriting that so strongly reinforces my own beliefs about the process. It also gave invaluable advice on how to avoid writer’s block. Bless his wonderful spirit and THANK YOU for bringing his music into my life.
  • Very good teacher.
  • This was a solid, good, useful course. He was great, very caring, and passionate.
  • Very good class. Would take another class with Joe.
  • OK
  • Very organized approach to getting unlocked. Learned a lot. Just listening to his hypnotic melodic phrasing. Accessible

    after class – have him back.

  • Joe is gifted as a teacher. He is so genuine and there is no mistake how passionate he is about songwriting. His

    exercises taught me a whole new way of thinking about the process of writing songs and his structured approach allowed everyone’s creativity to soar. He made time to meet with anyone outside of class and his feedback was invaluable.

  • Wonderful man – shares his gifts easily. This class was not a pushover – with love and persistence he helped us put heart back into our songs – Please have him back (combined movement, rhythm, meter to loosen the ?) (self- judgment)
  • This was also a great class – Joe is a knowledgeable and talented instructor. He was available for consultation in and out of class – I really got a lot out of the class – ideas, technique, inspiration.
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